[UX suggestion] grashsopper syntax reference

Hi, this is just a small nit-pick that I think may however improve the ease of use of Grasshopper.

Background & the problem:
I don’t use Grasshopper every day but every once in a while I find myself figuring out what the format is that Grasshopper components accept as their parameters…
I tried to deduce the proper format from the Grasshopper component description (the mouse-over floating popup) but it still took me 7 guesses to get it right

Question & suggestions:

  • Is there something like a syntax reference card/cheat sheet? If not, it might be useful to have one easily accessible somewhere in the GUI

  • The more elegant solution IMHO would be to fix the wording of hints used inside Grasshopper and/or match the components behaviour to accept what the GUI suggests.

this particular hint says: {uv} coordinate to evaluate
while in reality it only accepts {u,v,w} - where w can probably be only 0. Obviously the values need to be separated but the hint does not say how either.

Hi -

I ran into that one the other day and tried {0,0} first. Then I took another look at that hint:


To me, that made it clear that I needed an {x,y,z} notation…