UVwrapping issue

Hi all,

Sorry forward for my bad English.

I tried to find a solution for this issue by consulting online tutorials, but nothing from those really helped me. So…

I would like to apply a bitmap texture on a closed polysurface - only one .jpg file, created on scale from the unrolled object. (extracted to Adobe Illustrator, and then Photoshop)

For example, a box, and its single texture file with the six faces.
A screenshot from the scene : https://goo.gl/photos/nhhuYJMN2ogUfBKe9
On the left, the original box, on the center, the unrolled box, and on the right a copy of the original box, but with free seams (a step before the unrolled one).

I don’t want to cover the six faces of the original object, one by one (with planar mapping), with six different texture files.
In order to do that, I’ve used the UVwrapping, but I never got an unrolled object, on scale, and with the original geometry…
Another screenshot of this issue : https://goo.gl/photos/sqLuPFh3neXZTzdt7

What’s wrong with my method of UVwrapping ?
Could you help me, please ?

Try holding down Shift when you drag out the UV editor to keep it square. If that doesn’t prevent the unwrap from being skewed, can you post the unwrapped box and the texture you are using?

Thank you Brian.
Your advice helped me a lot.
So, I finally found how to.
I share “my” solution, just in case of other users could meet this issue of UVwrapping…

  1. UVwrap the object, to get the same result of the unrolled surfaces.
  2. Anywhere in the scene, UVedit holding Shift to keep square the mesh.
  3. Rotate this mesh in order to place it later as correct over the unrolled surfaces. Apply the modifications.
  4. UVedit again, but this time, trace on scale the rectangle of the texture, and over the unrolled surfaces (those one as the referent geometry).
  5. Edit the mesh, by placing, and 1Dscaling in regard with the unrolled surfaces. Apply the modifications.
New photo by Quentin Dupieux

Maybe a too long method to get this simple result ?
Another way by using the CustomMapping object ?