UVEditor projections for geometry HELP

Hello all,

I have an OBJ object that has a texture mapped on it (created using photogrammetry fbx and converted to OBJ) imported into rhino.

What i am trying to achieve as a final project is to be able to 3d print this teapot with some geometry and extrusions of the patterns (flower, dragon etc) on the tea pot.

The approach i am trying to take is by opening up the UVEditor and drawing my lines/extrusions on the texture file area. Then try to wrap this geometry (lines/extrusions) onto the teapot using the same “transformations” that have been applied to map the texture onto the teapot.

Is this possible?

Is there a better way to achieve what i am trying to get for my 3d print end results?

here is an image of the UVEditor result.

Selecting the mesh on the texture(left) shows me the corresponding area that the texture is being mapped onto:

Drew a shape from top view but dont know how to “transform” this line in the same manner as the selected mesh above to project it onto the teapot

Attached is the working file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

teapot.3dm (3.1 MB)

Hi Aston - I do not think you can use the UV editor for this but you may, at least in some cases be able to fake it in other ways

  • Simply Project 2d curves from an elevation view.
  • Make a surface version of the target object and use UnrollSrfUV and FlowAlongSrf
  • Use Squish on subsets of the mesh and SquishBack to get the curves back to the mesh.


Hi Pascal thank you for your response.

Is there a quick and efficient way to make a surface version of my target object?

Hi -

That would probably be by creating a profile curve (based on the result of the intersection of the mesh with a mesh plane) and revolving that.

Hi Wim and Pascal,

I have tried both methods and squish squishback works the best! Thanks for your help.

Just one last question, when i squish a mesh in rhino, the mesh is flattened to its real size. But when i type UVEditor, it asks me to draw a rectangle and the texture shown is relative to the size of the rectangle drawn.

Is there a way to get a accurate sizing for when i use the UVEditor command?

  • Aston

Currently, no.