UV unwrap - everything goes white after "apply"?

Hi all,

I recently installed Rhino as I had used version 1 many years ago. I modeled a box for a packaging project and did a UV unwrap. I rotated and scaled everything so that the textures match up and in the 3D preview window it looks great. When I click on “Apply” everything goes white (textures disappear). I’ve searched the forum and watched youtube vids and can’t find an answer. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Really need help with this one. The Rhino built-in help doesn’t offer much in the area of UV unwrap.

Can you attach the file and the texture?

Here it is. Thanks a mil for any light you can shed on this. :slight_smile: The file sizes are each around 7mb so I’ve uploaded them to me work website. These are the links…


It was just your material, set down Emission color.

To get even more contrast you need to lower the other two arrows too.

Good luck.

OMG (Facepalm moment). Thanks so much for solving this, I’ve literally been losing sleep over it!! Cheers mate!!!

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I’m relieved too! When I first saw the box with the image mapped to it I mistook it for a Hi Def x-rated video, not the sort of thing that Uncle Bob would approve of around here. Or would he?

LOL, could be “too interesting” for certain eyes!!

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