UV maps question

If I import a obj or something from another program and it has settings for a UV map, is there a way to tell this? I usually drag a map onto it and see if it aligns itself but is there a way to just see it it has it UVs set for a map. I looked thru the Details of the object and don’t see anything. Thanks.

You could launch the commands ExtractUVMesh. It propmpts you to define a rectangle. Once you’ve done it, if there is a UV map it is created there, otherwise nothing will happen. The UVEditor command has a similar behaviour.

To speed things up you could create the macro:

_ExtractUVMesh _Pause 0,0,0 100,100,0 _Enter _SelLast

and associate it to a button.

Then you just need to select the mesh, hit the button, and if a UV mesh exists it gets selected, otherwise you don’t get any selection.

Hope it helps