UV Mapping

I was wondering if someone might be to assist with creating a UV Map that is uniform across the entire surface please.

Example.3dm (327.9 KB)

Do you need a quick way for this simple single surface? Use _rebuild and with a high U and V count you should nearly keep the shape.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I am currently trying to create a UV Map so when I apply a mesh texture, it looks correct.

Capture (2)

I rebuilt the surface and it has had not effect on the texture map.

Hi @davedagenham
It’s really hard to tell from the small picture what’s going on, but if you rebuild the surface, you have to delete the “old” UV map for the result of the rebuild to kick in. Go to the Texture Mapping tab and click “Delete Mapping”. Also remember that you have to adjust the UVW repeat as there’s (on this surface) a factor ~4 difference between length and width. See video :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

Apologise for the poor quality picture.

Thank you so much for your clear and detailed response, the material maps much better now !

Capture (2)

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