"UV grid textures" - how to use it?


my client needs a animated texture and moving objects. I found an interesting function of Bongo, but don’t understand to use it. Could I use this function to animated the offset of a texture so that for example a grid pattern is moving over an object?



The basic idea is that every property can be animated.

Also the technique is basic : move the timelineslider to a desired tick, go into Animation Mode, and modify the property in the Texture panel, disable Animation Mode.

In this sample Grid Texture.3dm (94.0 KB) I used “Offset X” and “Offset Y” to ‘shift’ the grid along the plane.

It’s a bit strange that the names of the properties in the Keyframe Editor don’t fully match those in the Texture panel (e.g. XYZ for in stead of UV)! Any idea why @marika_almgren?


PS The animation of the Grid doesn’t Preview. You have to step through to see the result.

This is a design error. I just added this: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/BO-2954

@Luc Thank you for the example, I understand better now. :slight_smile: Also it help me to find a Vray bug.

@marika_almgren Could you set the missing preview at the bug tracker too please?

I hope this kind of animation control can be added for the mapping controls too. For example several wave bump maps could be moved over an ocean surface and a wave movement could be simulated. Animated mapping properties couldn’t added per SR or?

Preview problem added here:
There are quite a few similar bug items already.

Unfortunately we’re not planing on adding any new features to Bongo 2.0 anymore… All new feature requests are added to the Bongo 3 project.

Thank you.

I hope Bongo 3 Beta starts soon and doesn’t block Bongo 2 improvements only for a long time. :wink: