UV Editor - unwrapping - break that interrupts the texture

Is it possible to join the two rectangles together so that they go in the same direction using one uninterrupted texture?
Can I somehow adjust where I want the break to be (lower/higher) or delete it?

I tried adjusting it but with wood texture the ‘break’ is always visible, also in D5 Render.

Type: Box - I rotated the X by 90°
Grain goes in the right direction but the rectangles are still separate with visible break.

move the rectangles so they butt up to each other, It appears you have them overlapping if I’m reading that image correctly.

It worked, thank you. The second question remains.
Can I adjust the break to be lower or higher? Moving rectangles only changes position of the textures.

can you post your file?

Sure, it’s attached.
UV Shape.3dm (7.2 MB)

when you do the unwrap,
when you get to the seam part…
pick the seams of the edges of your side shapes, and only one of the strip shape, that way it will be one long strip, instead of two.

you can hide the seam in the back where it won’t be seen.

see below-

then you can scale and position your unwrap in the editor like so…

which results in a continuous texture with the seam hidden in the back-

(thanks to @BrianJ for his great videos…I had struggled with this for years! )

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Thank you very much Kyle. In D5 Render no seams are visible as the texture is longer, apart from one thing.
One side always has vertical grain, it’s either in front or back as it depends on where I move the small rectangle.
It looks like all rectangles must to be joined to work correctly. Is it possible?

I tried the option from the video at 18:30 but in my case only green lines show up, I can’t adjust anything. I wanted to use it and make the rectangle very small and put it on the bottom.

Why the same file now opened with boxy edges? It still has a round countour.