UV coordinates of points to draw a curve on a surface with CrvSrf

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Hi All,

I’m pretty new with grasshopper (this is my first post) and I have an issue with CrvSrf which needs UV points to draw a curve on a surface.
I want to draw a curve through a set of points coming from a list and also through an additional single point (see figure below).

I checked several posts on this forum and I guess that the issue comes from how to import UV coordinates in CrVSrf.

Any advice?
thanks a lot for helping

2019_01_11_CurveOnSurface_forum.gh (29.8 KB)


there is a Surface Closest Point component in GH
that will give you the UV of that surface closest to the test points

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Thank you Will for your quick answer. Indeed the SrfCP component returns the uv of each point. That’s a good step.
However the SrfCP output does not fit the CrvSrf input which needs uv coordinates as a list. So I guess that an intermediate component is needed.

I tried List Item components without success.
Did I missed something ?

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OK now it works when flatening the uvP output.