Using Zoo in VisualARQ

Is some way to use Zoo in visualARQ as used in Rhino 6?
i’m going to my parents house in another state here in Brazil and I want to use visualARQ there.

In rhino command line apper the messege bellow:

VisualARQ: The command ‘VAWALL’ will not run because there are no available network licenses.
Please restart Rhino in order to acquire a new network license or run ‘vaLicense’ command to change you license mode.

I used the command ‘vaLicense’, but the mode Network wasn’t allowed to me to introduce anything.

A tryed the Standalone mode and there was possible to introduce the license key, and the plugin worked, but I thought it was incorrect to do.

Can anybody help-me?

Hi @Laureano_Geraldo ,
You can only use VisualARQ in network license mode if you are connected to the same server where the Zoo is hosted.
In any case, there’s no problem for using a VisualARQ license in standalone mode in more than one machine, as long as you don’t run it at the same time.

Ok. Thanks for your help!