Using VisualStudio as debugger simillar to Rhino script editor?

I am working with VisualStudio 2013 to build and debug scripts for Rhino.
Is it possible to use VisualStudio similar to the Rhino script editor without running and closing Rhino? If you stop your project in Visual Studio your Rhino model should stay open… like you do with a script in the rhino script editor.


No. It is not possible: once a plug-in is loaded, it cannot be unloaded/reloaded. You must quit Rhino, re-compile and re-start the debugging session.

Maybe (?) it is possible to use the “Edit & Continue” functionality in VS2013. This is not working in VS2010/x64 which I use.

It is possible to use Edit & Continue in VS2013…
I’ve had a mostly positive experience of using this functionality but it’s not foolproof. I wouldn’t say I use it for making drastic changes though, more for tweaking.

If you are working on the same file repeatedly, and want to minimise the time taken to reload Rhino and the model, you could script the loading of the file you’re using and disable the splash screen? (It probably takes me about as long to choose the right model from the splash screen as it does Rhino to load).
Disabling non-essential plug-ins might also make Rhino load faster?

Alt+F,1 is a keyboard shortcut I use daily to load the file that is first in the most-recently used files.

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