Using two commands at once

With the new Rhino for Mac update, the command and tools are now in the same palette, which prohibits me to do 2 commands at once.

For example, when I move things, I like to click on the object then I would click on the _Zoom command so I could zoom into the specific area I want to move the object to. Now that the command and tools are in the same palette, once I enable ‘Move’, I can’t click on the _Zoom command anymore.

Is there anyway to separate the command and tools palette or be able to do the above example I mentioned?


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You could float the View toolbar by holding down Option key while clicking and holding for a moment. Then the Zoom icons would be visible when running a command. Or in this specific case, use the macro ZS to zoom selected while in the Move command.

yeah, some commands will work while others are active (as brian is saying)
likewise, you can display a toolbar along the top if you’d like…

to do that, go: Preferences-> Themes
select ‘custom’ from the drop down menu
select ‘show top tool palette’

you also have options to choose which palettes are displayed in which location… you might like this combo the best? (‘standard’ up top and ‘main’ in the sidebar)