Using the framework 4.7.2 feature in the plugin node to process nulls

Hello Guys

created a class on Net framework 4.7.2 with the ability to accept either one or the other data and process null.
The class is compiled into a grasshopper node, all the data is well supplied to the node as standard.

But when the node is working in the grasshopper, an error occurs that it is required to submit all the data to the node? Although, according to my idea, the node should work even when all the data is fed into it.

Please tell me how can I correctly configure the input data so that the node does not work with the data submitted to it?
Or do I need to change something in my class?

the class in in the console application works fine when checking, it allows you to accept either one data or another.

public static List<List> Figures(List index, List sideLengths, int amountSide, List? angles = null, int anglePrecision = 2, List? squares = null, int squarePrecision = 5, List? heights = null)

I submit data to the class as standard

List<List> indexOutput = Figure.Figures(index, sides, amountSide, angles, roundAngles, squares, roundSquares, heights);
GH_Structure<GH_Integer> Tree = new GH_Structure<GH_Integer>();

        for (int i = 0; i < indexOutput.Count; i++)
            Tree.AppendRange(indexOutput[i].Select(j => new GH_Integer(j)), new GH_Path(new int[] { 0, i }));

        DA.SetDataTree(0, Tree);  

when the class is running inside the grasshopper, the node asks to submit all the data, although in the console version the class works fine and allows you to receive one or the other data. construct in console List? angles = null (feature) from framework 4.7.2 works fine.