Using the data that I haven’t used in Random Tool? Help


I have breps. I wanted to select some of them with random tool. However, Now I want to play with the ones that I havent choose in these breps. Is there way?
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I have took the breps into secondary list as a main list. Now, I believe by substracting sub-list from the main list, I will have access them. However, which command that I can use to substrate list from another list (List contains brep data)

Here’s one way:


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Thank you for replying, it helps a lot. I have the same question in different position. I hope you can help again. In this time, I have surfaces and after I have use “Reduce” I want to use the one that I havent used. However, It doesnt work for this, how can i do it?

I hope, I can study more and pay you this back.
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Have a look at this:


I appreciate it Kevin. You helped a lot. It was important for me… Thank you. I hope I can pay you this back…