Using STEP file blocks

Hi All,
I received a STEP file with existing block definitions.
I would like to simplify existing blocks that define, for example, screws and nuts.
I don’t need fancy nuts and bolts with treads and chamfers when outputting to 2D Illustrator files.
Can someone suggest a method for such a process?


Hi MSavage - I guess BlockEdit and go in and just replace the threaded bits with cylinders and so on - just build the simple versions in place, I’d say.

Thanks for the reply, Pascal
I tried that. How do you determine the original blocks’ insertion point?
Alignment (and orientation) gets screwed up using that method.


But, are you using BlockEdit or exploding blocks and redefining them? With BlockEdit, there should be no change in orientation or insertion point unless you ask, or orient the new objects unlike the ones in there to begin with.


Thanks for the push, Pascal.
Here’s what I found helps my situation:
When first importing a STEP file I cannot use the model that appears on screen. I deleted that one and then inserted the block that now defines the model completely. I used the regular explode command to break the blocks nested until I get what I need. Then BlockEdit works fine for my purposes. I can edit the shape of the nuts or bolts to simplify them.
Again thanks.