Using split to divide up a pattern

Here is a pattern that is part of a tree to be cut out with a plasma cutter. I am trying to divide up the pattern to fit onto an 48"x96" sheet of metal. I tried using the split command but I got unexpected results. left-half-tree.3dm (1.5 MB) Using the modified rectangle as the cutting pattern, I ended up with multiple pieces inside that cutting pattern where I expected to have only one. I must be overlooking something. Or is there a better command?

I’d use CurveBoolean for this.

Tried CurveBoolean. Still unexpected result. It selected more of the desired pattern but left out the right most lines. Maybe I need to make the rectangle larger. Not sure.

Made the rectangle larger and got the rightmost part of the pattern. Used Split to get the upper bit of leaves. Couldn’t get CurveBoolean to work properly (at least according to my understanding) to get the upper bits.

Hi Joe -

I suppose that I expected 3 curves there; the green one, the blue one, and a short red one:

The green “one” turned out to be 2 curves but that’s because the ends are not coincident - that probably wasn’t one single curve before you split it…


I understand why the two green ones since there was a disconnect. And now I think I understand why the red and blue bits. Thank you for coloring those differently. Now I see that they are separate entities within the rectangle.
That also explains why I could not get CurveBoolean to do what I wanted it to in the top section with the three leaves. Sometimes it just takes a different viewpoint. Thank you.