Using Solid Union component for big count of Breps

Hello there, I am trying to use the Solid Difference component where for A - outputs I have plugged-in one Brep (that is the big extruded rectangle from which I’m trying to delete volumes of all other smaller Breps). And it does work correctly if the amount of the сutting Breps (plugged-in to the socket B) is not very big: if the amount about 30 all is right, but if for instance, I am raising up the amount to around 100 number I get mistake (because Solid Union component no more unions all my small Breps)
Is there any way to work around this issue, to use the Solid Difference component in conjunction with Solid Union for big amount of Brep data (100 and bigger)?

Successful example with few numbers if cutting Breps: (19.9 KB)

Anemone can work by subtracting one at a time. Will also try the “FastLoop” components but sometimes they fail when “Classic” (slow) succeeds. (24.3 KB)

P.S. “FastLoop” does work in this case with 70 cutters but it is also slow (1.2 mins.) and you don’t have the satisfaction of seeing progress while it’s running, as you can with “Classic”: (25.9 KB)

In both cases, SDiff is the slow part.

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Joseph this is awesome, thank you for this solution! I thought about loop but didn’t know how to make it.