Using snap to point with digitizer

I’ve noticed that snap to objects does not work while moving the cursor with the digitizer. If I move with the mouse, snap to objects work as it should. Is there a way to make it work with the digitizer?

I noticed a method in the GetPoint class called AddSnapPoint(). I tried that but it had no effect.


So here’s what I came up with. Someone let me know if there is an easier way, although this was pretty easy and it works great. Upon placing a point, I save a copy of it called lastPoint If the user selects “Snap To Points” on my interface, I compare the lastPoint with currentPoint using distanceto() if they are closer than a user selected tolerance, I call SendPoint() using lastPoint, other wise I use currentPoint. This makes the cursor snap to the last placed point, although it would be nice the have it snap to all points.

Just for the record, the points sent in from a 3D digitizing plug-in do not play in Rhino’s object snapping system. They will in V6…