Using SetPt on SubD Verts suspends Selection Filter

Looking to take a little kink out of a bevelled edge on a SubD object, I turned on the Vertices filter and selected four verts that I wanted to ensure were aligned with others and ran SetPt for the Y direction. I expected to be able to pick another vert as my target because the Vertices filter was set but could not, and all geometry was presented, including occluded, but distorted in the Y direction as though I was snapping to something further back.

Clicking on the vertices filter again whilst SetPt running did not turn it on. After SetPt finished, the verts filter worked fine again immediately without needing any intervention.

Rhino 7.5.21096.11001, 2021-04-06

Edit: Above behaviour in smooth mode - seems OK in box mode.

Hi Jeremy - thanks, I’ll see if I can reproduce…

So… the vertices of the box mode do not correspond to the vertices of the smooth display, and SetPt acts, apparently, on the box mode verts - am I on the right page?


Hi Pascal,

I just loaded up the file on my laptop and now find that the box mode has the same issue as the smooth mode, don’t know why that has changed…

Anyway, here’s a video of the issue when in smooth mode. Hopefully that will better illuminate my description!


Hi Jeremy - I think that is just going to the CPlane - if there is no snap to override the location, then the normal behavior is that all pick go to the CPlane (which would be maybe parallel to the world XZ plane here) - does that make sense with what you are seeing?


No, I just have the standard World cplanes set, if I’m not snapped then the selected points go way off - and the position varies as I move the mouse around in an empty area of the canvas.

But that’s another issue, the important thing for me is that while running SetPt I cannot snap to another vert, even though the selection filter is set to verts. Ironically, I get the option to snap to Near, which kinda defeats the object of SetPt!

Hi Jeremy - Osnaps are what need to be set to ‘Vertex’. The selection filter does not affect snapping.


Of course not. I knew that. I just didn’t remember that I knew that. Sorry Pascal, you probably had better things to do!

Oh, I promise I never do anything like that. No, really.


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