Using Save As vs Export

Hey there,

Can someone explain to me if there is a difference between using Save As vs Export when creating a dwg file (or an obj file for that matter) from a Rhino file?

There is a lot of overlap in functionality, but maybe this will help:

Save As’ is the entire file, and usually just a new Rhino name. I use this for re-naming.
Export’ is usually a selected piece, but it can be the entire file. I use this for exporting a part to a new file type (like STL) for prototyping … or sharing with other apps.

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Export is always for selected objects. It would only be the entire file if you select everything, and even then, unused block definitions, objects in different spaces (e.g. layout, hidden, locked) would be ignored by Export.



Hey @Pascal and @schultzeworks:

Just noticed that the File menu has Export and Export Selected, but if I type export selected in the Command line, there’s no such thing. Just Export.

Is there no difference between the two?

Thank you.

Yeah - the menu entries are not usually the actual command names - they try to be a molecule more descriptive in most cases - so File > Export Selected (note: two words, with a space - can’t be a command! - runs the Export command.


My file menu only has Export Selected and Export With Origin - no plain Export…

… Mitch beat me to it… :grin: