Using rs in vs.... works somewhat

So I followed this guide here

I know its outdated, as that function does not work now. But I did get it to work anyways.

What I have noticed is that some calls don’t work properly.

Dim go
go = rs.ObjectsByName(“BOAT MAKE”, True)
rs.TextObjectText(go, “Hello from .net!”)

This just crashes the plugin. The error I get is “String Required” :rolling_eyes: .

Crazy right?

It will select the object named BOAT MAKE, but as soon as it changes the text, it crashes.

Whats REALLY funny, is if you replace go with a string, it dose not crash the plugin… but it also does nothing to the selected object obviously…

Anyone ever tried messing with this before?


It’s been a suuuper long day lol

The function rs.TextObjectText() is expecting a string (objet id) as first argument, rs.ObjectsByName() returns a list of strings (object ids), even when only a single object with the name provided is found. It should not crash though :wink:


Yea… It works fine when using that in PythonScript.

But when I use it in VS, I have to call the index. Even if it’s only one object.

And clement… I can’t say thank you enough man. You’re always here, always helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks squared atrillionzillionfafillion :stuck_out_tongue:

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