Using rs.Command on Lists in a Python node


I’m having trouble scripting a command from a 3rd party to run on a list of objects.

The command is structured as follows:

  1. Select Objects (breps only)
  2. Hit enter
  3. Select Point 1
  4. Select Point 2
  5. Select Point 3

Output: An axis is assigned to the part.

I have created a GHPython node to make sure that I have the correct data types to pipe into a second node:

I have then made a second GHPython node to run the command:

I have kept all inputs as Item Access.

This is working, but it’s not iterating through the list item-by-item as I thought was the default behavior. It’s applying the axis at index 0 to all the breps on the list. There’s no need for a loop here, is there?