Using Rhino classes for external application


I am newbie into I am planning to create a application which requires use of 2D circular packing algorithm. I found from internet that there exist classes for the above purpose from below link.

Can you please tell me how to use the above classes in my application. What are the requirements to run the above classes/plugin in my application.

(John Brock) #2

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(Steve Baer) #3

The sample was written specifically for a plug-in for Rhino and not for a stand alone application.


Thank you for prompt reply. Could you please confirm whether those Rhino classes can be used in my external vb. net application. If so how can i use it. Kindly help.

(Steve Baer) #5

I didn’t write the sample, it looks like @DavidRutten did.

(Dale Fugier) #6

The Rhino .NET SDK cannot be used from an external, standalone application - sorry.


Thank you all.