Using Rhino 5 & 6 in same cluster

Hi Mcneel team!
this is my Zoo server screenshot, and my question is, can we use rhino V5 & V6 in the same cluster at the same time, on 2 difference PC ? because, as you can see, all of my V5 license has been taken, but the user cannot use the V6 license on other PC although some of them still available. Thank!

A cluster starts with a V5 license that was traded in and upgraded to V6. It’s still one license. A Rhino license is required for each computer running Rhino.
The only time both the V5 and V6 licenses in a cluster can be used at the same time is if V5 and V6 are running on the same computer.

A cluster is a single computer license.

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understand, thanks for your support!