Using points to edit solid



I am trying to make an edit to a solid using the points circled in red below.  The two surfaces with the arrows need to be moved .078" at 0.0°. The surfaces seem to move fine, but the neighboring surfaces seem to get twisted for some reason.  Is there a way to correct this?




Here is the file:

Before:Before Edit solid with points.3dm (1003.4 KB)

after: Edit solid with points.3dm (966.8 KB)

(Brian James) #3

Hi Brandon,

This is happening due to the control point structure of the surfaces in the tapered section. Use ShrinkTrimmedSrf first on the PolySrf and you’ll get a clean result.


That worked much better. Thank you Brian.

(Brian James) #5

You’re welcome, I also filed a bug report to see if we can prevent the bad render mesh from happening with unshrunken trimmed surfaces like this.