Using points to edit solid


I am trying to make an edit to a solid using the points circled in red below.  The two surfaces with the arrows need to be moved .078" at 0.0°. The surfaces seem to move fine, but the neighboring surfaces seem to get twisted for some reason.  Is there a way to correct this?



Here is the file:

Before:Before Edit solid with points.3dm (1003.4 KB)

after: Edit solid with points.3dm (966.8 KB)

Hi Brandon,

This is happening due to the control point structure of the surfaces in the tapered section. Use ShrinkTrimmedSrf first on the PolySrf and you’ll get a clean result.

That worked much better. Thank you Brian.

You’re welcome, I also filed a bug report to see if we can prevent the bad render mesh from happening with unshrunken trimmed surfaces like this.