Using Points to edit an object?

Again trying to learn. Here I want to reduce the size of this object. (I know there are several and maybe better methods to do this.) I was trying to use points. I thought in selecting points, (Pic 1) the movement would only include those and only they would move along the axis of travel. (pic 2) However, it seems other changes are happening. (Pic 3.) Pic 4 is what I hoped to achieve. Is this not possible using points? This is with the V6 beta.

First join to one piece then use _SolidPton and select same points and move.

Yep, that works. So many commands I don’t know.

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Hi! Try joining all the surfaces (_Join command), and running _SolidPtOn. After that you should be able to edit directly without loosing positional continuity of the edges. (Edit: too late :-))

Been using Corel Draw for thirty two years all the time… So many commands I don’t know.