Using Point Deform to model building facade with origami pattern

I’m trying to model a design for a high-rise that will have a structural diagrid and facade skin in the shape of the Yoshimura fold. Here is a small sample — notice the center of the X protrudes to create a mountain, and a valley is formed above and below where one control point retreats.

I have been successful in using the point deform module to move control points on my building’s surface and create the mountain, but I’m not able to repeat the same technique to create the valley. See here my facade model with mountain points deformed.

When I run almost the exact same bit of code to move the control points that define the valleys, Point Deform returns the facade with no changes made. I have a suspicion that I’m defining the normals incorrectly, as the eval srf is behaving unpredictably. I am relatively new to Grasshopper so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve attached my script below, thank you in advance for any advice.

Origami Facade (310.9 KB)