Using "Pipe" command to create surface?

how do I create a surface using the “Pipe” command? Help shows nothing other than surface creation capability was added to “Pipe” in Rhino 7; ie: NO surface creation syntax… several posters have alluded to “cleaner geometry” using “Pipe” versus “Sweep1”; is there a objective figure of merit available from Rhino and if so where do I find it?


Hi Art - the command line should, I think, provide the feedback needed for Pipe, but help seems OK to me -

  1. Select one curve.
  2. Pick the start radius at the beginning of the pipe.
  3. If the curve is closed, pick the radius for the pipe.
  4. Pick the radius at the end of the pipe.
  5. Pick a point for the next radius, or press [Enter]o end the command.

‘Pick’ for the start and end radii is maybe not the full story - you can set the radius interactively or by typing a number plus Enter. (note you can also invoke the Radius command while setting the radius and go pick some curve to set the radius - say the edge of an existing pipe or whathaveyou that you want to match exactly.

I so not know about the surface quality part off hand - Sweep1 takes so much more as input and has options for how to treat the rails and so on, it’s hard to say without an example.


From: Rhinoceros Help
“…command creates a surface with a circular profile…”