Using Phone Accelerometer Data to Plot a 3D Curve

Hmm maybe the app developer didn’t read my question properly… He just replied “yes”

Have you seen the filters?

Did you get the free version or the pro version?

I just tried the free version of that one. The filtering options might help smooth things but I don’t think they’d reorient it.

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hi Anders, i am trying to make a regular python script out of this without grasshopper, how can i change it to ask me for a file and how can i change from interpolated curve to curve through point?

I created this android app long time ago, it send data using udp to grasshopper to control sliders ; draw curves and points or record orientation and accelerometer values in realtime.
But there is no way to detect the exact location.


@martynjhogg we need to talk:

Woo and Surfr, same sensors, same theory.

Double integration combined with a kalman filter based on some decent machine learning run over 1000s of hours of water time recorded data.

Love that video aboves take on distance measurement with accelerometers.


But both Woo and Surfr have filters smart enough to make the results fun enough.



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Thanks, I will check this out properly later!

Ah OK so there’s some smart stuff happening to make assumptions based on what is likely to happen to the sensors in a kitesurf situation.

This makes sense based on what I experience on the water with SURFR… I especially like how the SURFR app buzzes the phone for every meter jumoed… It helps gauge how high I’ve jumped. I’m better at being able to tell when I jump over 10m but sometimes I swear I went 12m+ and it only buzzes 8 times!

The Woo and SURFR app get similar readings but I reckon if I get a really spikey jump then it reads under.

Did you see the videos @DanielPiker posted above measuring gait? Perhaps accuracy is better in this scenario because the motion is more expected? If he started tap dancing then it would lose the plot?

Is this just plotting the acceleration values as if they were coordinates? The csv file is a list of acceleration values taken at time intrrvals. They aren’t coordinates.

You should have a look at Fologram. You will be able to use the realtime AR tracking to capture the movement of your phone and bring it into Rhino/GH.

The last time I checked the phone app was still free to use. You can even do multiple phones at the same time…

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