Using Leica DISTO D8 with Rhino

I used to use my Leica DISTO D8 can be used through a special app with AutoCad or BrisCad. I no longer have a licensed version of either, I have converted to Rhino. Does anyone know how to use the Leica DISTO D8 with Rhino? The DISTO D8 can output to Excel creating a .csv file; however, I have never imported a .csv file into Rhino before either. Suggestions Please…

I guess that if you have a csv file, you can import using the Points file type.

Thanks for the suggestion Steve. The instructions seem basic and easy to follow. I will give it a try.
I guess I should have mentioned that the DISTO D8 is a distance measuring/ sqft/volume device, that communicated via Bluetooth

You’re welcome Bob!