Using Karamba3D in Rhino Compute

How can we activate the Karamba3D license in Rhino Compute?

Any guidance on this?


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If you run your own compute server and have a license of Karamba, you should be able to do this.

Yes we have both. But usually when we activate our license, we need to type ‘Karamba’ in the rhino commands, but when I launch compute.frontend I don’t know how to do it. Any advice on this?

Have you been able to use Karamba on Rhino Compute since your last post?

Hi Yana, Sorry for the late reply. Nope haven’t tested it anymore. Anyone else?

Hi Rick, we have a very stable version of Karamba running on our platform. It uses an upgraded 8-core server system that performs quite nicely. You can check some results on Karamba’s ShapeDiver account ( or directly on their website (

Send me an email if you’re interested in having a test run.


Can you “type” Karamba programmatically in a grasshopper scripting component, e.g. (in c#):

Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript(“Karamba”, false);

I’ve not tested this but maybe this could work? I think RhinoApp can be accessed headlessly. If attempting this then it’d be good to test it in GH alone first (without compute) and try to get Karamba downstream of the “Karamba” license component.