Using Integromat to send to Shapediver API?

Has anyone ever managed to add Shapediver on Integromat? We are building all our processes around production, ordering, etc. using Ninox and Integromat and it just would make a lot of sense to have it send requests directly to the Shapediver API and use a file and other information that is coming back from it with a production file.

How hard is it to add it? Thanks for any hints…

We don’t have experience with Integromat and while an integration could be possible, we don’t consider it at the moment as we are focusing on major platform upgrades coming early next year.

What requests do you need from ShapeDiver API? I just want to understand better how our platform fits within your workflow.

We would send some parameters to our Shapediver script and will save the produced file export. We need to do this as a batch process creating as many as 200 files at a time. Since Shapediver does not support loops, this would be a workaround, but would actually also help us since our backend is built on no-code tools like Ninox and connected with Integromat. That way we can save the response straight into our database.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible on Integromat, as it can interact with pretty much any API, we were just curious if you have tried it already. I will report back if we manage to get it to work.

Do the links for the file exports stay valid forever? Or should we actually download the files and store them ourselves?

I’m sure it’s possible to link Integromat with ShapeDiver API, we just haven’t done it so please share your findings here.

The export download links are bound to the session and they expire at the end of the session due to security reasons. You can either download the files or get new links later, the cached result is the same.

Also, let us know if there are any features you would like to see in ShapeDiver:

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