Using gumball and aligning with a snap point of another object


I am new to Rhino having used MicroStation for many years. One of the cool features of MicroStation is Accudraw which allows you to constrain the movement of objects in the X, Y and Z direction and also snap to other objects thus aligning them to a snap point. So you can move an object in the Z direction and snap to an endpoint of another object, the second object is location in another arbitrary location in space.

Is there an ability to align one object to a snap point of another using gumball or do I have to use the align tool?



There are several ways of doing this. You can use the regular Move command and use the tab key to lock movement in a certain direction. For moving to a z value, you can use Move > vertical. And you can use the .x, .y, and .z filters to take a value from some other point.

Cool, thanks.