Using Google Fonts

You have provided this new font browser script at and it looks really promising.

But could you provide the GH script for that? I am not sure what C# component you are using, that lets you select the weights of the font. The old one that you made only has the option for “bold” and “italic”, which is not the weight options normal fonts usually have. Maybe in the age of Notepad those were the only 2 options…

Also the C# component you guys provide is throwing a lot of warnings in Rhino 6:

So is it possible to just get the GH file of the Google Font browser as that presumably has an updated version of the C# script which works with all weights.


The rhino SDK changed a lot between Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 regarding text objects. I am attaching below an updated version of the script which contains more options. It can also output both curves and surfaces.

We have replaced some example models in the documentation to reflect those changes but it seems we have missed at least one. Where did you find the model with the C# script that throws warnings? We will make sure to update it. (20.0 KB)

Thanks I will give it a go. Not sure where I found the old script component, probably in a forum post somewhere. Maybe you could add a section on your website where the components that you specially made to work with ShapeDiver can be downloaded (or make them part of the plugin).

You can find most scripts in the documentation section, in the articles where they are relevant.

It’s a good idea to include a set of definitions and scripts with the plugin, we’ll make sure to do it in the next release.

Cool, I think I might have even gotten it from there somewhere. Not sure, sorry.

One big advantage to including those scripts in the plugin would be that it doesn’t need to do the check those components when uploading to ShapeDiver as it does now.

Hey again @mathieu1

I just replaced the script component you provided and left everything the same. Now when I upload to ShapeDiver its giving me a timeout, saying it took 20 seconds to complete. On my computer it takes less than a second. Any idea what could cause that?

Okay, found the problem. I was using a font that somehow that script doesn’t like (pacifico).