Using GH to script local scaling along individual objects' normals

I haven’t used GH for several years, but now that it’s on Mac, I can get back into it!

Does anyone have a script or a suggestion of how to scale multiple objects at once, individually, in the Rhino workspace, along their normals (e.g. GumballAlignment to Object)? If anyone is familiar with Modo, I’m basically trying to recreate the “Local” action center when scaling multiple things (they all scale from their own respective action centers, along their normals, instead of as one combined object as Rhino does).

Specifically, I have an array of just line segments splaying out at various angles, and all I want to do is Scale1D them all a little bit simultaneously, increasing their length by the same value.

Here is a screenshot of the splay line segments that I want to increase the length of:

Any suggestions are most welcomed, thank you!

1) Post GH code and/or geometry!