Using firestore image in upload

I am working on a project where the user uploads a logo to be displayed on a design. I then take that image and store it in google firestore storage. When the user returns, I pull the url for that image and send it to the shapediver api.

This works when the user uploads the image and I send the file, but not when they return and I send a URL through the api. I am using the standard “uploadAsync” command and I believe that it is expecting a file and not a url. I saw a doc that noted that a URL could be used, but it may require to be set up that way ahead of time?

If you want to use a URL, the Grasshopper model needs to include a ShapeDiverTextInput component, connected to the file input component, like this:

The ShapeDiver model will then include two distinct parameters: the text input where you can send your URL and the file input where you can upload a file. The file input takes precedence, in other words the URL is only used as long as a file is not sent to the file input component.