Using ClimateStudio in RhinoCommon C#

I’m trying to pass a brep object through a series of default grasshoppper nodes in C#, but I realized I also need to pass inputs to ClimateStudio nodes within the same program. Is this possible? I haven’t found any ClimateStudio API’s or any documentation that interfaces with RhinoCommon yet.

I do not know the answer but I passed this on to one of the CS developers so hopefully he can help more or point you in the right direction.

Thanks so much I appreciate it!

Did you hear back from the CS developers?

Hi Cooper,

No, but ill follow up.

Hi Cooper, email this email : .


Hi Remy,
Email just sent. Thanks!


It’s not that open, the API. But there’s the climatestudiograsshopper and climatestudiocommon DLLs if I remember correctly.

Somehow I had issues inputting a home made CS object into the CS components. I found out using native CS components to create classes and then manipulate the instances is working.

See attached for inspiration (62.1 KB)

I appreciate the help! I’ll take a look

Let us know how goes :slight_smile:

Any luck ?