Using cage edit while python transform of control object

I’m using python to adapt a control object (rebuilt circle) to a target curve, the object to modify is a torus.
The steps are as follows.

A torus is controled by a rebuilt circle ( 8 points degree 3) in Rhino prior to running the script.

In the script, I make a curve copy of this control object, and use this curve to adapt to the target curve (same type 8 points degree 3), I use this intermediate step to not have the object transformed with every little change during the process.
Once the curve copy is adapted I reposition the grips of the control object to the points of the copied and modified curve thereby transforming the torus.
It works well, however the object is not transformed by the point in position 3. It’s a “captive object” update problem because the control object curve is properly repositionned.

I am at a loss about how that works, or rather fails to work.
Cheers happy new year to all

I found a workaround, by not looping through the points but handling them symetrically. pair 3.7 then 4.6 and finally 5… There is no urgency however I don’t understand why the loop doesn’t work :wink:

without seeing the actual script, it will be even more difficult for us to see what’s happening :slight_smile: