Using Blocks - Best Practice (my File crashes while Printing)


Im have a large file (400MB) with a few large linked Blocks and lots of ordinary Blocks.

Now i wanted to print out some layout i made - it crashes all the time. I ve used different PDF-Printing engines.

Could be my usage of Blocks?
There are also Picpures referenced in linked blocks…

I would love to have some general advice on how to handle large scale models…


Hi Anika - I would test with a new file with one insert of one of these linked blocks- try with and without Pictures. Do that print OK?


Hi Pascal. yeah works now fortunately. I re-saved all linked blocks without materials and pictures…

what is the best (free) pdf-print software recommendation for Rhino on Windows? it seems, some are better/faster then others.

and now i have a new question :smile: … how can u print vector mixed with pictures? this doesnt work unfortunately…