Using arcs to wrap closed planar curve?

Hi, I am trying to make a three dimensional bumble bee. I am a beginner. I made the body with a closed planar curve imported from ai and revolved it. Now, I want to take the wings and wrap them around the body, but not a full 360 or even 180 degrees around. What is the best way I can do this? I saw video i rented that you could make an arc and project the curves and then extrude but I really didn’t understand it. Please help! Susanbumble bee.3dm (3.5 MB)

Hi Susan.
For a natural result, you could try the command _Bend in the front view.


if you want to deform the wings omnidirectional you can also use cage edit:

select the wing and use the command BoundingBox with output curves, select the rectangular and use PlanarSrf then use Rebuild on it to degree 3 with 5 points, the more points the more control you will have. you can also use the internal options of cage edit to create a control object, but like that you have it in place already.

select the wing again and use the command CageEdit then just click on the surface you have created, be sure its the surface not the curve and hit space to conclude it. it will automatically display the points which you can move now in all directions with gumball preferably.

you can escape it to hide the points and activate them again by selecting the “rectangular” and pressing F10 you can also use Hide on the rectangular to hide it and Show to show it in case you want to keep working on it.

Note that the F10 key is the Volume Activation / Deactivation key, which is part of the special keys (like all the upper row of keys). Although you can change this behavior from the settings, it makes little sense to do so in the Mac environment.