Using a Slider to change the x and y coordinates on a graph with points?

Hi, I’m new to GH, like brand new. Trying to make an arrangement of linking chains to 3D print. The user can change the dimensions of the links, which line up on a grid that’s shifted so the links overlap. The aim is that when the user changes the x and y values of the links, the points on the grid shift too. Currently just changing one dimension makes both axes shift, which doesn’t work. TYIA

Hi @sakramer, It’s difficult to help without your grasshopper file. Could you please upload a simplified version showing the problem?

Sure! Sorry, new to this. Thank you for your help
2022_Series (63.0 KB)

HI Sophie i wen ahead and tried to create a demonstration based on your initial question. After seeing your file i realize I’ve misunderstood the problem :rofl: You are hoping to make an interlocking chain-mail type of material? Anyway have a look at this and see if it makes any sense. I’ll look through your file later when i’m not busy and see if i can provide more direction
chain (17.5 KB)

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i’ve had a little difficulty understanding your script. I’ve take your brep and started a new script here. you can try to integrate the two. I’d highly recommend you spend some time organising your canvas a little. using groups as I’ve done makes it much easier for you and others to read your script.

Here you can see how to create an alternating grid (bond pattern) which looks like it fits your tiles together so they interlock. is this what you wanted?

chain (23.2 KB)

Thank you very much!! These links will be 3D printed, so my intention is to maintain a 3mm distance between the links - when the user adjusts the dimensions of the link, the links spread farther apart to keep the 3mm distance. It’s so the 3D printer doesn’t merge the links. I’m about to check out your script, thank you so much!

I made a stab at reproducing the same chain mail geometry:
I used a totally different technique and exported the result as an STL file which I ran through my slicer. Everything worked, but the slicer flagged the bridge parts (the narrow ends) as needing support material. So that’s an issue that may be a problem depending on the printer’s ability to print bridges.

I’ll try a small test to see what happens. My guess is this particular link shape won’t print very well.
chain (19.7 KB)

Well my first test turned out better than I expected. I made a 4 x 4 print that looked like this on screen:
It printed in just under 52 minutes with no problems. Here’s how it looked after I took it off the printer:

It seemed to me that this is really one of those geometric puzzles you have to put together after they are jumbled up. I got this far after about 5 minutes of fussing and rearranging:

I think I’m going to change the link shape to square rather than rectangular, with the hope that the printed assembly will retain it’s overall arrangement after removal from the printer.

And yes, I know- I need to make some adjustments to my extrusion rate. I recently installed a new extruder and it needs a bit more tweaking.
chain (19.4 KB)


Making the link square allows for a more simplified script for producing a square shaped chain mail print:

Here’s the above GH file for your entertainment:
chain mail (19.0 KB)