Using a pluging based on zoo without access to internet

I’m developing a plugin on c++ that use zoo to check the licence ,once i insert the serial key it’s ok zoo plugin dont ask me again for the serial , but once i’m not connected to internet it request a serial key because he is doing the check every time my pluging is load.

my question is there is a way to disable this check every time?


The Zoo licensing system supports two types of licenses: 1.) Standalone and 2.) Network.

If your plug-in is configured to use network license, then it will always request a license from a Zoo server.

If you don’t want your plug-in getting licenses from the Zoo, then configure your plug-in to use Standalone licensing.

Now, if you are on a laptop and you take it some place were there is no internet connection, then you should check out a license from the Zoo before doing so. You can do this by clicking Tools > Options > Licenses.

Does this help?

– Dale


I’m developing a plug-in that use a standalone license system , so can i disable this check ?

If you want to run as standalone, then when asked for a license click the Enter a License button. For example:

You can switch between standalone and networking licensing using the Licenses page in Options.

– Dale

Dear @dale

thanks for all the information provided here:

How is this Standalone-Configuration done ?
Can i use the Zoo-Licence System just to store my own licence-Information locally
(and therefore do not need to worry about user privileges (read / write), the place where to store it, and so on…)
The LicenseData Class does not Provide a Property for this
StandaloneLicence = Standalone;

Also the Plugin Itself does not have a Property
RequiredLicenceType = Standalone;

what Do i miss ?




The Zoo licensing system does not restrict licenses types to be either standalone or network. This gives the user/administrator the flexibility to install the license where they see fit.

– Dale

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