Using a block withing the Tag Object

Hi there

I can’t figure out how to use a block as the Border Geometry? The Border ends up being really far away from the text position. I’ve tried moving the block base point around and also tried scaling the geometry within the block, but neither really does anything? Could I get a guide on how to use blocks as border objects?

Hi Roi,
The option to assign blocks for the tag border is not consistent right now. We need to improve it.

Alright, So there’s no real way of using the block function yet?

No, unfortunately. I’ll let you know when we improve this tool. May I know the shape / block you were trying to use? if it’s a generic one we could add it to the default shapes.

I wanted to make a diamond shape with a line for wall type classification.


Thanks for the example Roi. We have improved the way to insert tags from blocks in VisualARQ 2.11. I’ll let you know when it’s out.

Hi @rheinason we have improved the way to create tags from blogs in VisualARQ 2.11.

VisualARQ 2.11 available - VisualARQ