UserText (Object / Document ) -> make invisible for users, Event on Change

Hallo Everybody - Rhino 6 offers a lot more features around userText for Document and Object - which is great. 2 developer - questions about this:
(1) hide UserText in GUI / Propertie-Panel
Is there any convention for Key-Naming, that will hide the userText in the Properties-Panel ?
something like:
“Plug-In-Material = ‘Stone’” should be visible
“_invisible:ComplexPlugInPointData = '12.345,22.3345,33.45678” should not be visible for the user.
So the user should be able to Edit “Plug-in-Material” but not the “ComplexPluginPointData”.

Will a change of a Usertext on the Document and / or Object trigger any event my plug-in can catch ?

hope my questions are understandable.
Thanks, Best, Tom

Hi @Tom_

You can prefix your keys with a period to hide them from the User Text panels. “.MyKey” for example. The keys and values will still display when running the commands GetDocumentUserText or GetUserText

Standard object property events and document changed events should rise when editing either object strings or document strings.

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@Trav thanks for the fast answer. perfect - i knew there was something like this - great

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