I’m trying to set and get user strings on the objects, but something is going wrong.

First I create surface and apply user strings:

var srf = NurbsSurface.CreateFromPoints(point3dList, count, count, 1, 1);

srf.SetUserString(“test1”, “1”);

Then I get the user string successfully:

//get all objects from rhino

ObjRef refSurf = new ObjRef(rhino_object.Id);

var getData = refSurf.Brep().face.Faces[0].UnderlyingSurface().GetUserString(“test1”);

but when I modify object by moving node, and try to get its string again, I get no strings on the object. What could be wrong? After modifying string I select object by hand.

There is not enough code here for us to determine what is going wrong. Can you provide the code to a sample command, along with any necessary instructions, so we can reproduce the problem here?

Never mind, that was my simple mistake. I forgot, that I need to add not surfaface, but brep with userstring to the doc.