UserData Values not unique?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to sequentially number objects using
Human. The issue I’m running into is that the same UDV is applied to every object. It always appears to be the last item in the list that is applied to the UDV for all objects. Each object should have its own, unique number assigned to it.

I must be overlooking something simple here, but I can’t see what it is.

try Grafting UDK and UDV. I can’t see the data structure going in to the other inputs but I suspect it is grafted.

If you do that you also don’t have to duplicate “Part #” — you can just feed in a single value to UDK, with a single branch per object in UDV. Also make sure you graft the list of objects you’re modifying (the O input of modify object attributes)

Thank you, @andheum. Grafting the list of objects (O) solved this. I had tried grafting UDK and UDV, but this didn’t work on its own. I appreciate your guidance.

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