UserData OnDuplicate not being called when copy paste is used?

Well, that depends on what you mean by “nothing I can do.” Certainly you should not do anything to the Rhino object being added. If you need to do something to the Rhino object, then do so in an Idle handler.

– Dale

Thanks for the “Idle”, this reminds me that it is a solution for my another issue.

So what I was hoping is something like AfterTransformObjects for objects duplication by Alt + Gumball drag, where I can get all duplicated objects.

Similar to duplicate objects by Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, in OnEndOpenDocument I can get all merged objects.

> OnBeginOpenDocument
> AddRhinoObject 
> OnEndOpenDocument

Hi @mingo1214,

Have you seen this technique for tracking object additions and changes?

TestMingbo.cs (3.0 KB)

– Dale

Thanks @dale. No, because I have never got to understand what “runtime serial number” is and how to use it. It is pretty nice. I will try to use it, and will keep you posted. Thanks again.