User object icon selection slow and narrow

When clicking on the icons button for choosing an icon for a user object, it takes veeeery long to load them. Furthermore they are then display in one chart, a 2D matrix would be better…

THESE ARE MINOR THINGS, there are more important things in GH for Mac to improve now (canvas frame rate for example), but still wanted to have this issue mentioned.

Have a great evening!

Hey @rudolf.neumerkel, thanks as always for keeping us on our toes with Grasshopper on Mac, it’s much appreciated!

It is certainly not as nice as on Windows which we can fix up, but the performance appears to be around the same for me. I’m not sure why at this point.

I’ve logged that as RH-67408.


That’s great! Again I would count this as a very low priority fix!

All the best :100: