User interface for a GH program?

So I am making progress on my program to draw scrolls. I have a bunch of sliders and one MD slider. These controls set the basic size, growth rate, number of revolutions, thickness (two scrolls are separated by a value), position, flip in X or in Y, and rotation. I’d like to have all these controls in a nice control panel. I notice there is a thing called a Remote Control Panel and that if I right click on some controls I could publish them to a control panel of some sort. How do I do this? Anybody got any cool examples?

Just try it. Right click, and you’ll see a panel popping up. This panel can be docked to the same tool panel as Layers and Properteis etc.

Coolest way to get to see an example: Try it. :wink:

// Rolf

Note thought that only a very limited number of objects can be published (2D sliders not among them). At present the RCP is more a proof-of-concept than a genuine feature.

Okay. Is there any other way to make a user’s control panel? Is there a possibility of making a snazzy control panel in VBasic and sending info to the GH program?

Some plugins have some pretty cool features, but it requires you have that plugin.

Yeees, that’s possible, but not necessarily easy or quick.