User interface (Beginner)



I have a question about user interface for Rhino Plugins. My question if I start creating a plugin with C# can I use C# standard UI “tools” that can appear in Rhino? Or what is the best way to create UI for a Rhino Plugin? I found this source so far:

(Steve Baer) #2

The link you found is for python and is not what I would suggest for a C# developer.

If you are using C#, then I would suggest that you use either WPF or WinForms. Windows Forms is easier to learn, but WPF is more powerful and allows for better separation of interface and the logic behind the interface. We used to use WinForms a lot and are transitioning to all of our new C# user interface code being written with WPF.

(Dale Fugier) #3

Here are a couple of WinForm samples to get you started.

(Steve Baer) #4

Since you are using the word “Beginner”, I would highly recommend looking at the SampleCsModalForm first


Thank you for your reply!

This is absolutely helpful.

(I have also read the Python Primer, bit by bit concepts in programming are getting clear.)